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Have A Plan

A renovation can cost a lot but it shouldn’t be more than you expected. Surprises, extras and bad planning can have a negative effect on your project. Any renovation should start with the question of why am I doing this and what do I expect to get out of it. A balance should be struck between these questions and the ideas you come up with.

When making a plan, the first thing should be looking at the structure of the house and assessing the basics to make sure that what you build on is solid. The items you should look at first are not the flashy items that grab your attention in the magazines but the more mundane things that actually make your house work. Roof leaks, mould and basement leaks are a couple of the items which if you ignore you will only regret later. Other parts such as the heating and cooling system are items which need periodic maintenance to work properly.

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades are the items which give the most back in house value and are the most common projects as well. These are the projects which will give you much enjoyment but don’t forget the underlying structure on which you will be spending all that money. To install new finishes such as flooring, paint and trims on structure that is rotting or is sub standard is not the way to properly renovate and is not going to give the enjoyment you are looking for.

Plan for the unexpected as well. Any project may run into the unexpected and unforeseen issues which will drive up the cost of your renovation. The general rule of thumb is to put aside 10 to 15% of the cost of the project for unforeseen and additional added items. Even if you do not use it the extra can be put towards your next project. The best renovations always start with a good plan.