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No fuss renovations

A renovation is both a joy when it is completed and can be a source of frustration during the process. Some people say when starting a project "it is just a small job" or "it is just a quick fix", But no job is ever exactly what you envision it to be. Every job has the potential to grow to be come bigger than you first expected it to be, not that it has to be that way but it could very well end up that way.

The advertisements, magazines and the big box stores want to tell you that you can do it all yourself with just a little bit of advise or with just a simple set price that new project can be completed with no fuss. There is no such thing as a set price for every similar job. Every house and new situation has different circumstances attached to it and new challenges to face.

The older the house, the more unexpected things you will find. Did the last person who renovated the kitchen or bathroom use materials under the finishes that will last or just use the minimum to get the job done? Has the window or door you are replacing been leaking and has the damage extended to the framing beneath? When you replace your roof shingles the leak might have damaged the structure below. Not all these will necessarily be true but it could, and it could lead to higher costs which were not anticipated.

These and other things are what a responsible contractor will inform you of and will try to address in the estimate you receive. What can not be seen during the inspection for the estimate are the things which can lead to higher costs for the project and more frustration for the owner.

The best way to have a no fuss renovation, or at least a less stressful one is to hire a respectable and responsible contractor, one who has been in business for a while and knows what might happen along the way. The friend who says they know what they are doing or tackling it yourself usually ends up with hurt feelings or extra costs to you. If you are still unsure of who to hire then the best thing to do is contact the Better Business Bureau in your area and check out the different companies in your city.